“50 years – the age of happiness when there is no misfortune”

! Without a column
The difficulty of a 50-year line is that a person reaches a point when a significant part of his life is behind. One seems that everything has already been. To others, usually for those who jumped for this figure, that everything is just beginning. Where is the truth? We found out in an honest conversation of three friends: singer Valeria, TV presenter Tatyana Drobysh and producer Leila Fattakhova. We met with them at Hills restaurant. The first on the site of the meeting was Leila Fattakhova, the ex -wife of Joseph Prigozhin and the real girlfriend of Valeria. Five minutes later, playing Tatyana Drobysh flew. Valeria entered, accompanied by a beloved man who does not release the phone from his hands. “And these energetic laughter 50?" Unfortunately, in our society…
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