“50 years – the age of happiness when there is no misfortune”

The difficulty of a 50-year line is that a person reaches a point when a significant part of his life is behind. One seems that everything has already been. To others, usually for those who jumped for this figure, that everything is just beginning. Where is the truth? We found out in an honest conversation of three friends: singer Valeria, TV presenter Tatyana Drobysh and producer Leila Fattakhova.

We met with them at Hills restaurant. The first on the site of the meeting was Leila Fattakhova, the ex -wife of Joseph Prigozhin and the real girlfriend of Valeria. Five minutes later, playing Tatyana Drobysh flew. Valeria entered, accompanied by a beloved man who does not release the phone from his hands. “And these energetic laughter 50?”

Unfortunately, in our society there is still a stereotype: a woman has no life after 40. About 50 are generally silent. Fortunately, the stereotype is gradually defeating to smithereens about such energetic, purposeful, interested, greedy before life. And with whom, if not with them, to talk about how to live a full life, not caring for a figure in a passport.

It was not possible to intervene in the conversation, and there is no need. We just overheard the conversation of three friends. We publish fragments from the conversation that took place in 2018, but today is relevant than ever.

Tatiana: Ler, I made a hairstyle for you!

Valeria: A la 90s, then I liked how they laid you. So cool!

Tatiana: I like it too, you can’t advise bad. Not like a saying: “Best friend is a bald friend”. I think it’s so low. Better to keep silent.

But no, how often false compliments are pouring from the “sworn friends”. Not like we have all the beauties, we all trust each other

Leila: If a person is essentially lying, it doesn’t matter there no longer whether a friend or not.

Valeria: Girls, how wise we are (laughs). We get the weather all here, yes? Tan, you are the 69th?

Tatiana: Yeah, “5 a”, “6 b” and “7 c” classes in our country. And my classmate, Joseph from “5 A” must be set to us at the table, because without it in no way.

Valeria: This is why it is? Very even how! Everything, yosya, go, don’t bother. We have girls here.

About female friendship, husbands-uzurpators and Pokrovsky gates

Valeria: Girls, how much we are already friends?

Leila: Well, not so long ago. Lizka (daughter of Leila and Joseph. – approx. Ed.) It was 10 years old when I first sent her to rest with you to Switzerland. Now she is 19. Then we started to communicate, made friends a little later. For me, it was a huge step towards you when I asked Joseph whether it was possible to invite you to perform at our concert in the House of Music.

Remember? Yosya then doubted, and you firmly said: “You can!»For me it was so important. Bel Suono then had the first concert, no one still knew particularly, and you supported us. And it was indicative. There were still points of contact in addition to children.

Valeria: Yes, something in common should be so that the friendship is strong and continues for many years. I had a close friend in the student, we talked wonderful, and then life divorced us. When we meet, we remember the past, but often does not come out to see.

Leila: And there is nothing like that, by the way.

Valeria: Yes, already some kind of completely different reality. I generally had such a specificity of family life that I had no right to have friends. I was uzurped then once and for all. Such were living conditions.

Tatiana: Well, I can tell you that not only your ex -husband is a tyrant. They are all tyrants and usurpators. When a woman gets married, she loses a huge number of friends. And it does not depend on whether a bad or good husband. Just the focus of communication is changing. Maybe I would like to go somewhere with the girls, and the husband will say: “Well, hello, and I?»And you are with us because Valeria’s husband is Priguzhin. Ler, well, you and I began to communicate closely through husbands.

Valeria: Yeah, and now we go to the cinema together. Our boys are sitting behind, and we are ahead. They feel good and we feel good.

Tatiana: You have a straight “Pokrovsky gate”, high relations! It seems to me … no, for sure! I would not be able to communicate with my ex -husband.

Tatyana Drobysh, TV presenter, wife of Viktor Drobysh (since 2008). Daughter Lydia (8 years old), son Daniel (7 years old). From his first marriage with businessman Alexei Nusinov, Tatyana has a son Anton (21 years old)

Leila: So there is the first wife of Joseph, and there is no relationship there at all.

Valeria: Much depends on a person here. Lisa when she came to us, it was immediately clear what mother was there and what is said in the family. Even if the child is cunning, it will still pour anyway somewhere. That’s when older yosins children came to us, there they were in the camp of the enemy. All the time we were looking for some catch, the information merged in tons. And it is clear that it all comes from mom. Why, it’s not clear.

Children should not stand at a crossroads between parents and try to choose someone. It is pointless. If my ex were adequate, I would love to communicate with him. I am glad that we have everything with Lisa from the very beginning.

Leila: She is mother’s

Μερικές φορές δεν είναι απαραίτητο να περιπλέξουμε τίποτα για να γιορτάσουμε! Πάρτε τη θέση των κουταλιών στα οποία είναι βολικό να φτάσετε στην κλειτορίδα σας με το χέρι ή τον δονητή σας. Εάν αποφασίσετε να χαπια στυτικησ δυσλειτουργιασ κάτι νέο (για παράδειγμα, πρωκτικό σεξ), αυτή η στάση είναι επίσης τέλεια! Επιπλέον, είναι πολύ λεπτό και θερμαινόμενο, και είναι πάντα όμορφο.

daughter, there is no mother, there is a second mother. And now we have it, Lizka Leru really calls the second mother.

Tatiana: Leila, but honestly, you are not jealous?

Leila: Absolutely not! On the contrary, it is better to let Leroy consult, if I don’t know how to do it. At school, there were always two emails as contacts for communication: mine and Lerin. The documents were sent in English, I don’t know the tongue, I always called Lere, asked if everything was in order there, is it possible to sign it.

From this everyone benefits. Children are friends. Topic (Artem Shulgin – the eldest son of Valeria. – approx. Ed.) Calls Lizka a sister. Once she stopped to pick up something to him in Switzerland, he stuck her 50 francs. I tell her, here you are cunning, and she is surprised to admit that she did not even expect.

Valeria: The topic itself has tasted student life, when you have to save, all the money is laid out on the shelves. Remember, we were all in London at the concert? Lisa then hugged me and said: “I’m the happiest today! All my loved ones are nearby “. This is so touching! So we communicate, a big friendly kagal.

About psychotypes and pocket fire extinguisher

Valeria: Here Temka was slipped by a test on Facebook (an extremist organization banned in Russia). The definition of a psychotype. I passed, then I think: somewhere I did not frankly answer. Passed the second time, and the result is the same. You know which one? Peacemaker!

Tatiana: Oh, and the truth! How they got it. You always try to reconcile everyone. I will be offended by Vitya, I call you to complain, five minutes of conversation, and all my emotions were blown away. What was offended, unclear!

Valeria: Yes, I have been going with a fire extinguisher all my life. I have such a mission.

Leila: Although you are Aries – there should be explosive.

Tatiana: And she is not a peacemaker in Zen, she is a fighter for justice.

Valeria: Yosya is joking, they say, there will be no war. But there will be such a struggle for the world that it will not say goodbye (laughs). We must look globally. In the little things, we are all wrong. But to be offended, angry is such childhood, self -doubt. I can be offended within the family for educational purposes. Like, I was offended so that they know that they would not pass by, that this way or this way is not necessary to do. But this is also funny all.

I go in this mask and I no longer remember why I have a demonstration performance here. But I seriously do not remember when I was offended. I can always take the side of another person. I doubt very much that people do something out of evil motives, it seems to me that they are just mistaken.

Leila: You know, I recently once again, but now I am sure – forever, broke up with one friend. You make a good person, and a person accumulates envy and anger in himself. At some point, it flows into rudeness in public, and you stand, listen and do not understand how the person to whom you are with all your heart can experience so much hatred. Many times already on the same rake has come.

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